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Band Handle and Accessories Demo

Following a recent entry about resistance band training, I got numerous concerns about the manages demoed throughout the video. With that in mind, I’ll utilize this entry to offer a couple of responses and directions.

Resistance bands can obviously be utilized by themselves, however there are times when I delight in including a handle or customizing the grip. Doing so can boost a few of the exercises as you’ll see below.

In the video that follows, you will see me spice up my band training with rope, PVC pipe, galvanized pipe, and a homemade deal with that I first demoed on this site nearly ten years ago.

1. Manila Rope Thick manila rope (ex. 2-inch) includes a grip difficulty to nearly any pulling workout. Resistance band rows are no exception. If you do not have rope, a thick towel can likewise work well (ex. a big beach towel).

2. Homemade Resistance Band Handle

The one hand band handle that you see in the video is made from 3/4 inch pipe. The parts list and directions are rather simple.Two 5 1/2 inch pipeline nipples

Two 1 1/2-inch pipe nipples

3. 90-degree adapters Completions of each pipeline nipple are threaded so each piece screws into the next. A close-up image can be seen here. You will see how I likewise covered the pipe in tape to provide a smooth finish (optional).

This deal with has served me well for several years. It is ideal for single arm exercises such as rows, curls, overhead presses, and so on. When working versus a strong band or numerous bands, I find it especially helpful. I can focus on carrying out the exercise without being distracted by attempting to fit broad or several bands into my hand.

3. PVC Pipe

I also use a two-foot piece of 1.5-inch PVC pipe for lots of exercises such as rows, band knocks, and triceps extensions. PVC is long lasting, economical, and ought to be simple to find at your regional hardware shop.

4. Galvanize Pipe

Galvanized pipe can be used as well if you do not have PVC. I tend to use both as I have several pieces of pipeline in the gym that double as homemade dumbbell handles. As far as which works much better with bands, there is no difference. My suggestions would be to utilize whatever you have access to and/or what you can discover locally.

Final Thoughts

In summary, resistance bands work well by themselves, but I choose adding a deal with for several my favorite workouts. The handles certainly are not a requirement, but they are simple and affordable to develop or acquire. If you have any more concerns about the handles or bands, feel complimentary to message me or comment below.

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